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Life Gets Messy Sometimes

"Life gets messy sometimes", I say as I dip into the bag for another scoop of oil absorber (kitty litter-esque stuff).  Seems like no matter how hard we try, we still make a mess!  We put buckets down on top of plastic sheeting, and yet, there it is--a huge puddle of oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or coolant.  Right there on my nice, smooth (and slippery-when-wet) concrete floor.  What's a boy to do?  Life does, indeed, get messy sometimes.

Due to our fallen world, messes are inevitable.  Even if we have the best intentions, we can still choose our words or actions poorly and hurt the ones we love.  Recently, I said some things to my beautiful wife in the spirit of honesty and intimacy, but wound up using some wording that did not communicate that spirit very well.  My intention was to state that I was concerned, but hopeful about our situation.  It came across as something very different.  She was hurt, and I was left trying to explain myself, still not doing a v…

A good foundation goes a long way

So, like I said in my last post, I got this truck in pieces.  The first real task I undertook was to get the Chassis started.  A truck's chassis is very important.  In fact, it's the very foundation upon which you build.  It has to be sturdy, capable of taking some pretty serious abuse.  It has to be straight so that all the additions will fit right.  It has to be square, for the same reason.  I wanted to be sure this truck would be something that would last a lifetime. 
I began with a thorough (by my standards, anyway) inspection of the chassis.  It was placed on jack stands and really studied.  Any rust or corrosion would have to be addressed.  Any stress cracks or bent beams could mean catastrophic failure after the truck was put back together.  Fortunately, I found the chassis to be in excellent shape.  The front end graft of the 1978 Volare front suspension appeared to be well-executed.  All that was left was some cleaning, some paint, and a rear end.  After that, we ha…

Finding God in a Rusty Relic

So, I've been thinking about some things for a while concerning the similarities between following Jesus and working on cars.  In this series of blogs, I'll attempt to share with you my thoughts as they've occurred to me over the past 3 years of revitalizing "Isabella".  Much like trying to model our lives like Christ, working on cars and trucks is a process that takes time, effort, determination, study, perserverence, and on and on.  One thing that I've noticed is that no matter how hard we work, the outcome is never really perfection.

Some of the topics we'll cover include (Not necessarily in this order):
- Life is Messy
- We all make mistakes
- Perfection is unattainable
- Failure is inevitable
- Almost anything can be repaired with enough time and effort
- It's all about heart (engines)
- Brains don't hurt, too (electrical)
- Don't forget to stay grounded (electrical)
- Brakes are essential
- Steering your life towards God
- Improving can be overwh…